It’s early still on this Tuesday morning. My coffee is just about ready, I’m dressed for work (in comfy yoga pants, of course), and I’ve already practiced some morning yoga. I was going to write this week about what I discovered, if anything, about myself during January, a month bursting with lofty intentions to establish good habits and practice self care. I was going to write about how many of these I accomplished and how that felt on the last day of January, early days of February.

I can tell you that I did practice yoga every day. I found 310 things to be grateful for. I stayed off my phone in the morning. I also did Zumba, baked, cooked, wrote, danced in my living room, started and finished a blanket for my brother, stayed mostly dry (one minor cheat while watching football) and made a new friend.

But this morning the overwhelming feeling I awoke with is love, and gratitude. Yesterday I received a gift that was heartfelt and thoughtful. The note that accompanied it told me that I’m on the right track. It brought tears to my eyes. I realize that’s not exactly a tough challenge, but this love note and gift really touched my heart. I will find a place for this eagle where it can watch over me and keep me company. I’ve been referring to my new space as my nest, and now it has an eagle to protect it.

The harpy eagle, Panama’s national bird, common in the eastern Darién Province,  is an impressive creature, with a beak the size of a jackknife, talons as long as a grizzly bear’s claws, and a plumed crest evoking a war bonnet. This one flew here from Blacksburg, VA, courtesy of 1990 Handmade Prints.

Today I’m cooking dinner with over 800 others spread across the country (maybe the world!) as I take on a tradional latin dish, bacalao, with Marcela and her sister Carina, and their families. Once I log off work tonight I’ll be logging into Zumba on Zoom and then will keep on dancing as I invite Marcela, her family, and their energy and enthusiam for life into my tiny kitchen. I’m looking forward to it.

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  1. mahimajalan says:

    Gratitude always 🥂

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