Music Fridays: Fly Away

LIving alone it gets pretty quiet in my little nest. I have gone a whole day at least once or twice without talking to anyone but myself (I say things like “What was it I was about to do?” or “Why did I walk into this room?”) Music makes the workday go by a little faster and makes it much more enjoyable. When I have meetings or calls of course I have to pause the music and sit still in my chair, but if the music is on I’m usually swaying in my chair or dancing to and from the kitchen to refill my water or coffee.

Earlier this week I listened to a “Y2K” playlist on Apple Music that I really enjoyed. One of the regular playlists on my rotation though is the “Feeling Happy” list. The songs on the list change fairly regularly, but this song has been a regular for a little while now.

It kind of fits the theme I accidentally set for this week, considering the eagle that I wrote about earlier this week, and my reference to my home as my nest. I guess I sort of flew away last summer and landed here where I’m working on that line, on boundaries.

I’ve been on my own for a minute

Is it only me out here?

Searching for the place to begin it

Is it me? Is it you? Is it fear?

Standing on the line I was given

People staring at me while I’m here

No one seems to think that I fit in

But I don’t wanna be like them

Fly Away – Tones and I

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