Music Fridays: Man! I Feel Like a Woman

I’m on vacation!! I’m working on my road trip playlist and still have some time to fill. This is one of the songs on the list now. Positive song, great to dance to in your living room or in your car, and great to sing along with. Let me know if you have any suggestions…

Music Fridays: Something Old, Something New

Happy Friday! It’s a beautiful day here in the Upstate even though the forecast is calling for rain later today and tomorrow. The sun is shining right now though and my windows are open to let in a breeze, along with the competing sounds of lawn mowers, the bees, and the birds. I’m open, too….

Music Fridays: The Ride

All you dead end boys All you break down girls Thinkin’ you’re all out of pavement Like it’s the end of the world All you burned out believers All you spinnin’ your wheels Like you’re gettin’ nowhere wing and a prayer I know just how you feel But it’s the stars that make the night…

Music Fridays: Soul

I don’t have a special reason or story to go with this week’s pick. This is one of the newer songs I’ve added to my library on my phone. I like the groove, the message. It makes me feel good. Sometimes that’s all you need. Have a great weekend!

Music Fridays: Vamos a la Playa

This week’s bloom take me back to the beach…. wish I was there right now. This week’s weather turned cool and rainy, probably because I was bragging about how nice it was. 🙂 I’m not sure I ever went to Taboga when I was 13 or 14. I don’t remember going with my family so…

Music Fridays: My Life

This week’s bloom again had perfect timing: “You can’t control other people’s behavior, never could, never will. All you can control is how you react.” — Dottie Billington, Ph.D. I had been talking to someone just before I picked my bloom about a related topic. He was frustrated and trying to work through some family…

Music Fridays: Mi Querido, Mi Viejo, Mi Amigo

I’ve been thinking about my dad this week. It’s been four months now and every once in a while I see something that reminds me of him and it feels like I was just talking to him. Or a song comes on that reminds me of home, of him. This song is a good example….

Music Fridays: You Learn

You may have gathered from my earlier posts this week that my divorce is now final. I don’t really want to keep writing about that in every post but for this week’s music post I thought I should share something to honor that milestone. You grieve, you learnYou choke, you learnYou laugh, you learnYou choose,…

Music Fridays: Don’t Start Now

I was hoping to bring you a new song today, something straight off the list of new music releases, but as of now (Thursday evening) I have not found one I love yet. Instead I offer you something still fairly new, and very much new to me. I’ve only recently started listening to Dua Lipa….