Music Fridays: The Coast

I’m off to the tropical beaches, amigos! Here’s something from the Court Yard Hounds to set the mood. Enjoy!

Music Fridays: Boy Bands!

i was originally thinking about having Earth, Wind & Fire’s September as my music video for Music Fridays today, but then came across this post in Rolling Stone’s website, and liked that much better. So rather than give you just one video today, how about 50? From the Monkees, to the Backstreet Boys to the…

Music Fridays: Pegate

It’s the last Friday of the summer (maybe not technically but for all practical purposes) so let’s dance a little and celebrate that the kids are going back to school at last. Here’s a favorite from Ricky Martin. Enjoy. Then go find something that makes you want to dance like no one is watching.

Music Fridays: Emmylou

You may be familiar with “Silver Linings” by First Aid Kit, a young duo out of Sweden. I love that song, but here’s another that I think showcases their voices and harmonies, so “Just sing little darling, sing with me.” Happy Friday!

Music Fridays: Let’s Walk!

Taking a break from the positive thoughts post challenge (yes, I know I’m way behind on these), this weekend is the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life in Fredericksburg and Stafford, Virginia. I’m walking with the rest of my Kaeser team tomorrow afternoon to remember those who lost the battle, and support and cheer on…

Music Fridays: Birthday Edition

The first time I saw the video below was the end of April back in 2009. One of my bosses forwarded to me the email with the link because he thought I might be interested. As it turns out, I was more than interested. April 2009 was a rough period for me, and the familiar…