Music Fridays: Somewhere Cool with You

I got a text message from S last Saturday that said I should look for this song and turn it up loud. When I saw the title I understood right away why he sent that text, but then when I listened to it I was surprised to hear it’s a country song because he doesn’t normally listen to country. He said that the long drive he was on somehow dictated that he should listen to country. I’m not sure I agree with that, but if that’s what the road trip called for who am I to say otherwise. Anyway, the point was the lyrics, not the style. We had just been talking the day before about my birthday road trip and possible destinations. I had a few options in mind but mostly just liked the idea of getting away for a few days in April. Last year I went to Savannah on my first solo vacation and I enjoyed it, but this year I thought it would be even better if he went with me.

Over the next few days we went back and forth over where to go, sharing different listings with each other from the VRBO app. On Tuesday I settled on a cute apartment rental in Savannah. We’re both looking forward to getting away and seeing what I missed on my last visit. He’s a great travel companion and I’m looking forward to the extended time together.

Hope you like the song and that you have somewhere cool to go with someone, even if it’s just the park down the street, a drive to the beach, or a flight to the other side of the world.

Have a great weekend!

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