Music Fridays: Ready for a change

How’s your week been? I’m going to confess that it’s been a weirdly emotional one for me, and I can’t say with certainty that I understand why.

It started out pretty good: Valentine’s flowers from S to start the weekend and then more roses from my son (along with his company) on Sunday made me feel special and loved. But after that, I’m not sure what happened.

I’ve been frustrated by wanting to file taxes but not getting an accurate 1099 form from a client has been slowing that down. A couple little things at work got me a little worked up and that hasn’t happened in a long while.

Maybe it’s the weather. It’s been windy and a little cold except for last Saturday, when it was gorgeous, warm, and sunny.

I haven’t been writing or reading or listing things I’m thankful for, and I haven’t been getting enough exercise. I ate a lot of chocolate this week. (Not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. 🙂 )

I’ve also been thinking about relationships, both current and past, and making some unfair comparisons that I know I should avoid making. This week marks one year since my divorce was final. And no, I did not reach out to comment on the occasion; I have not heard from him nor have I attempted to connect for over six months now (other than sharing my Christmas card video – no response but didn’t expect one). So there’s that.

I’m ready to change all that and go back to the other me that was doing so well not that long ago. There are so many good things in my life right now and I want to keep those at the forefront. Spring is just around the corner. I know there are good things ahead.

In the meantime, here is this week’s music pick, and yes, it’s a repeat. I shared the original version of this song from Ed Sheeran’s newest album last November when it came out. But now there’s a new version, a duet with Taylor Swift, and it’s even more perfect. I love this version so much. The one-year anniversary of my first date with S is next week, and I stand by my earlier statement about how it describes this relationship or the beginning of it at least.

After watching this video I looked at a few of the comments and learned that the actors in this new video are the same from an earlier Taylor/Ed collaboration, Everything Has Changed, so I thought I would share that one as well.

Hope you enjoy both of these, and that good changes are just around the corner for all of us.

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