Another 50mm Day

Practice, practice, practice. I decided I needed another day with the 50mm lens. So when it was time for my photo walk date with my friend Veronica, I left the 50mm lens in place and headed out. It was interesting to me to see what she chose to take pictures of versus what caught my eye. We did have a few subjects in common but the differences make me wonder whether we should pursue a project similar to this one where two bloggers post their take on the same subject.

Having already seen Veronica’s pictures from our walk and seeing how fantastic they are, I decided to make mine a little different by adding some photo editing and effects to them. Click on any of these to start the brief slideshow:

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  1. I hadn’t considered the mannequin as being “forward” in a futuristic sense. So true. That was a sharp observation. It’s great to see your shots and your vision. I love your photo of the Star Building and the vibrant colors in the other building facade shots. And the picture of me trying to get a picture of the contents of that nest–love it. You got my best side. : ) Looking forward to going out again when things are blooming.

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