The (Easter) Sunday Post

Happy Easter! This Easter was probably quite different for many people, or at least most Christians. I think most churches experience peak attendance on Easter, but hopefully many people were able to worship from afar courtesy of the Internet. No need to wear your Sunday best or Easter bonnets for that, although maybe some dressed…

Drinking Glasses

I decided to try another dry month in April. I made it two and half days. We had pizza for dinner and there was a six-pack of Dogfish Head 60 Minute in the fridge. It just seemed like the right thing to do. But I only had one. I followed it up with a cup…

One Shoe

Who knows when we’ll be able to indulge ourselves in a pedicure, but as soon as my feet are presentable and the weather cooperates I’d love to wear this sandal again. It’s kind of hard to wear just one though. Guess I probably have some time to hunt the other one down.


Just found a great way to get back to shooting pictures. Leanne Cole, a photographer and blogger I follow, shared a new challenge that she’s helping lead in a new Facebook group: a photo a day all of April without having to leave the house. Today’s prompt is forks.

The Sunday Post: A little bit of everything

It’s a beautiful Sunday here in Virginia. It’s also pretty quiet in my little corner of the world as I’m home alone while Doug is out prospecting with a band mate. They’re looking for new places to gig and most likely enjoying a cold beer or two while taking in the magnificent weather. We have…

Hello, old friend

It’s been a long time since I last spent much time with you, my friend. I’m afraid I’ve been uninspired. The events (or in some cases the anticipation of events that never happened) have robbed me of any motivation to do more; be more. But I’m going to try.  The camera’s out of the bag….