Another step forward

If you’ve been following along, you may be aware that I’m on a journey of sorts. I have tried to scale back my electronic connections and make some “real” connections to the people in my life. So far that has involved deleting my Facebook account, getting rid of the television, and trying to read more, talk to people more, write more (including letters), and take more pictures. This weekend I took one more step forward in that direction.

I met with a friend for coffee and a photo walk. Something so simple and yet so neglected and so needed. This is someone I’ve known for years but haven’t spent much time with in the last 15 years or so despite having so much in common and living so close to each other (for at least the last few years). So we met for coffee and caught up as we waited in line. We laughed over the fact that we had each just reviewed the other’s blog as we prepared for our meeting. Then we headed out with our cameras to see what caught our eyes.


You can see the pictures that developed in my Winning Shots blog. (There’s a link to my friend’s pictures as well.) But aside from the fact that I spent time taking more pictures (which of course is one of my goals), the big step for me was spending time with a friend doing something I enjoy, and connecting face to face. We chatted as we walked, talked about our families and frustrations.

We enjoyed it so much we think we’re going to do it again. Maybe a nature/photo walk next time. I’m looking forward to it.

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