Hand-held Distraction

The first thing that came to my mind as I thought about what always catches my eye and distracts me from what I’m doing, is my smartphone. I expected to see that others suffered from the same affliction. But alas, as I scrolled through the various photos posted for this challenge I saw rainbows, sunsets, butterflies, and flowers. Maybe I didn’t scroll down far enough. Or maybe I’m the first to admit that this is my biggest distraction. I have a couple of library books piling up, bullet journals and a collection of pens and pencils to doodle with, and a camera standing by to go after “the shot.” But then I see my phone light up and I have to pick it up. Or maybe I pick it up every five minutes or so to make sure I haven’t missed an important Facebook post or see if someone new liked one my Instagram pics. I’m not alone here, right?

Ooh, shiny!

I will give myself a little credit for also being distracted by candlelight (you may recall seeing that in my blog title somewhere). My phone’s current wallpaper does reflect that I like taking pictures of candles. And cocktails next to candles.

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  1. Well you are certainly have a gift fir the obvious (as I have missed it) this thing certainly distracts all of us

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