Top Ten of 2021

Are you glad it’s over? Did it go by in a flash for you too? While 2020 felt like it would never end, 2021 was over in an instant. At least that’s how it feels as I look back on this first day of 2022. I’m sure there were moments when I felt like it…

The Sunday Post: Changing Seasons

Today seems like a good day to get back to basics and one of the primary objectives of this blog: to share photographs, get creative, and participate in the online blogging community. This also helps me stay off social media for a while so I don’t add to my growing sense of woe and frustration….


These tiles are on the space shuttle Discovery, which spent 365 days out of this world. It is currently residing at the Air and Space Museum in Chantilly, Virginia.

Sweet Temptations

Saying “no” to these sweet temptations is not easy at our local donut shops. Picking out a dozen to bring in to work is hard enough but then picking just one to indulge yourself with is almost impossible. Almost.

Pumpkin Spice Hell?

This might look like someone’s idea of heaven (probably all those who can’t wait to order their first PSL at Starbucks each fall), but to me, this is simply overkill. All these variations detract from the simple pleasure of a slice of pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving or even an occasional slice of pumpkin roll.