Here are a couple of entries for this week’s Weathered photo challenge. I took this first photo during our brief getaway to the mountains last September. I loved how the rust on the tin roof added bursts of color on these dormers. I took this second photo today while getting some steps in during lunch….

Rusty Growth

A couple of years ago we took a road trip which led us through the Ohio River valley, headed to a friend’s family reunion and Fourth of July celebration. On the way there we drove past this abandoned hunk of metal. It had been almost completely overtaken by Mother Nature.  Branches were growing through the cracks…

Thanksgiving Ramblings

Last night as I brushed my teeth and prepared to go to bed, I had some ideas for a blog post, possibly a Thanksgiving-themed post. I even had a few lines drafted in my head. Rather than going to the laptop or putting those thoughts down somewhere, however, I crawled into bed hoping I would…

Well rounded

You will find these rounded arches at the Christopher Columbus Waterfront Park in Boston, MA. I took this photo on the first day of my first visit to Boston for a marketing conference, just a little before my feet blistered and I was no longer interested in checking out the sights. Guess I’ll have to…

An Amber Glow

I took this photo a few months back at Tradition Brewing while on an informal brewery tour in the Newport News area. This was our last stop and as we headed home these bottles might not have been the only ones glowing.    

Fall break

I may have mentioned before that I’m trying to re-establish some of the good habits I developed a couple years ago; habits that helped me lose weight and keep it off. For a while anyway. I haven’t fallen completely off the wagon or gained it all back, but it’s so easy to slip back into…

Rainy day view

Our master bath has a skylight, way up high.  I hardly notice it except when Mother Nature provides us with a nightlight powered by a full moon. Or when raindrops drum a steady beat on the glass as they wash away the leaves that have fallen on the window.