Vibrant Hues

For this week’s “Vibrant” photo challenge, I went searching for color. After last weekend’s snowfall and then this week’s warm temperatures, we were pretty much surrounded in gray. So the colors in this week’s photo don’t come from Mother Nature, but from a little bit of artificial coloring in some soda bottles at our local World Market store.

I do have another photo in mind for a different interpretation of “vibrant” that I hope to get to later this week. No promises, but I will do my best to capture what I have in mind. Stay tuned.

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  1. indacampo says:

    Is that red bottle a “Pop Shop” bottle?

    1. I think so.

      1. indacampo says:

        Haven’t seen one of those in ages. That takes me back to my childhood. 🙂

  2. Dee Jay says:

    Nice shot !

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