Half Full

It seems we’ve survived the Blizzard of 2016, Snowzilla as it’s been dubbed on social media this week. I was fortunate not to have to step out into it at all. I’m not a cold weather person at all.  I wanted to go out and take pictures as the snow fell and then when when the sun came out again and it was so bright and shiny. But I just couldn’t make myself go out there if I didn’t really have to. Guess I’m a warm weather photographer. A warm weather person, really. As someone told me on Facebook today:

“You can take the girl out of Panama, but you can’t take Panama out of the girl.”

Today as I find myself surrounded by piles of snow I’m thinking that just over a month from now, I will be sweating instead of shivering. Not from working out (which I hope to return to before then), but because of the incredible heat and humidity that will greet me as soon as I step out of the Tocumen International Airport in Panama. Do you see a haze in the picture below? It’s not a filter or special effect. This is the first picture I took on my last trip to Panama, and my camera lens had just gone from an air-conditioned room to the warmth of my father’s back deck.

Breakfast on the deck

Tomorrow I head back to work after spending most of the week working from home, avoiding driving while Doug was out of town in case a dizzy spell came along. But I’m feeling optimistic about this situation as well because the tests I went through last week found the reason for my anemia and it is something fairly common and treatable, and when I meet with my doctor again and she performs another test we can discuss the options.

I see it as half full.

So all things considered, there’s no reason to see my glass as anything but half full. 🙂

And one extra bonus reason for feeling positive about life: there’s the beautiful sound of a guitar in my house this weekend.


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  1. mithriluna says:

    A lovely post. Enjoy your trip to Panama! I love this theme. Everyone’s post is so upbeat and positive.

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