Maybe I should take the whole alphabet

It’s been a very quiet weekend for me. I’ve spent much of it on the couch, reading novels and pinning recipes, surfing through Facebook and Instagram. My biggest accomplishment of the weekend: cleaning the bathroom. Or most of it anyway.

I’ve dutifully taken my vitamins each day, and after reading that pairing Vitamin C with iron tablets makes it easier for a body to absorb the iron, I’ve been paying closer attention to what I take them with. I’ve arranged my weekly meal plan around iron-rich foods.

I’ve been anemic before,  but recent symptoms led me to see a doctor this week and she confirmed that yes, I am certainly anemic. So while we go through various procedures and tests to find the cause, I’m to “take it easy” and take my vitamins. So when The Daily Post published the theme for this week’s photo challenge (Alphabet), these were the first letters I thought of:

In response to this week’s “Alphabet” photo challenge.

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  1. Tina Schell says:

    LOL, they definitely fun the gamut from A to Z!! Hope you’re feeling better soon.

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  2. lifelessons says:

    You did it! A to Z. Clever.

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  3. Nice post for this challenge, Marissa. 🙂

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