Nothing but McNuggets for 15 years?

You may have heard this news story already. Seventeen-year old girl collapses and has to be injected with vitamins and nutrients. She’s been eating nothing but chicken nuggets for 15 years.

15 years.

She’s only 17.

My first reaction was to blame the parents. How could they let their child get away with this? What kind of parent feeds their kids nothing but fast food? Turns out her mother has tried and she and her other two children have a normal, healthy diet. So this girl has herself addicted to nuggets, to salt, basically. So she’s anemic, has inflamed veins on her tongue and a serious lack of nutrients. I don’t recall reading about her blood pressure, but I imagine it’s pretty high.

We’ve been trying to eat healthier since the beginning of the year. I thought it would be really hard to give up some things, such as potato chips, candy bars, french fries. But so far it hasn’t been that bad. There was that one time I was tempted to bum a fry from my son (occasionally he’s still allowed to indulge a little), but I was good. I resisted the urge. No, the hardest part has been living without bread. Sometimes I just crave a big chunk of crusty bread. There will come a day (hopefully soon) when we will start bringing starches back in our diet.

Our goal is to lose some weight while establishing better eating habits and thereby improve our quality of life and health. We can certainly use the extra energy. So we’re eating lots of salad, plenty of seafood, and drinking lots and lots of water. It’s paying off slowly. We’ve each lost some weight and as soon as the weather is warmer we hope to increase our activity level and burn more calories as well.

And no chicken nuggets for us.

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  1. ParentsDesk says:

    I’m not quick to do the thing “blame the parents” unless it’s warranted. Letting your child eat nothing but chicken nuggets starting at age 2, I’m sorry that’s a parenting issue. On your goal to be healthier— I’m with you on that. I’m trying to finally lose the baby weight. Lots of salads, lean meats, and tons of water. It’s working, but slowly. good luck!

  2. Kay Aichess says:

    Have you read “Omnivor’s Delimma”? The book gives a terrifying list of the dozens of ingredients required to assemble a McNugget. It’s guaranteed to firm your resolve to eat healthy and stay away from those filthy nuggets. Good luck eating healthy.

  3. Shadeparker says:

    Travel channel host and renowned chef Anthony Bourdain, according to one Internet source, is famous for eating sheep testicles in Morocco, ant eggs in Puebla, Mexico, a raw seal eyeball as part of a traditional Inuit seal hunt, and a whole cobra — beating heart, blood, bile, and meat — in Vietnam. According to Bourdain, the most disgusting thing he has ever eaten is a Chicken McNugget. I’m liking your blog.

    1. Thanks Shadeparker!

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