The Sunday Post: Self Care

A rare treat for me: a manicure!

Self care. A lot of people talk about it, and some even poke fun at the idea. Maybe they think it’s an indulgence, or selfish behavior, or something that only those with money can participate in. I don’t think it’s just about treating yourself, although doing something that you normally wouldn’t do, either because of time or budget constraints, such as a day at a spa, or even a mani-pedi appointment, is one form of self care.

I just read an article that describes self care as something that when you do it, you wake up in the morning feeling better. I think that describes what I’ve been trying to do so far this month. I’m trying to do these things in such a way that it becomes second nature to do these things, a habit. Things like meditating and daily yoga practice. I’m halfway through the 30 Days of Yoga challenge that I mentioned in other posts and it has become a habit to roll out the mat shortly after logging off from work every day. On the weekends I do it after my morning coffee. My gratitude journal is also off to a good start. I’m also doing pretty well in my efforts to avoid my phone at least until after I write in that journal and I’ve made coffee. So not too bad. Last year I adopted the intermittent fasting practice in January and that’s become a habit that works for me. I think it’s helping me maintain my weight now that I have reached my goal.

Something else I put on my list of goals is to get out at least once a month to do a little exploring. Get out and go for a drive, or a walk, just get out for a while. I haven’t had a chance to do that yet this month, but maybe next weekend. This week’s bloom reminded me there is so much beautiful scenery, parks, lakes, mountains, that I haven’t seen yet. That’s the kind of self care that I need to indulge in more.

I recently connected with someone using the “BFF” setting on a dating app. She’s also new to the area, recently separated or divorced, and looking for someone to walk with. We appear to have quite a bit in common so I think we’ll probably go walking one day soon and see how it goes.

Have you found a local lake to gaze out on?

I think all of this self care has contributed to my new positive mindset. The way I was feeling, and acting, the last few months of 2020 was not who I am. I was going against the grain . I’m an easy-going, gentle, nice, forgiving, kind of person (if I do say so myself). Being angry did not feel good. Holding grudges didn’t feel right. I was angry, with good reason I think, but I didn’t want to be. A phrase I’ve heard with slight variations in a couple of places recently goes something like this: let go of what doesn’t serve you.

So I’m letting go. Not of the good memories and the feelings of being in love; I’m thankful for those. I’m letting of the anger, and trying to let the hurt feelings go too. We’re having productive conversations, even if they’re just via email. I’m not 100% there yet, but I’m leaps and bounds closer than I was even just a month ago. This is another way of doing self care.

Stay tuned for another blog post either later today or tomorrow as I report back on the progress I’m making in the kitchen. Now it’s time to see if I can make macarons! Wish me luck!

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