Music Fridays: Mi Querido, Mi Viejo, Mi Amigo

I’ve been thinking about my dad this week. It’s been four months now and every once in a while I see something that reminds me of him and it feels like I was just talking to him. Or a song comes on that reminds me of home, of him. This song is a good example. Roberto Carlos is one of the singers I grew up listening to. His song “Un Millón de Amigos” still takes me back to when I was preparing for my first communion. I think our class was singing this to our parents, maybe?

In this video he’s singing in Portuguese with Michel Teló, another Brazilian singer/songwriter. I love the emotion clearly visible on both of them and Michel’s parents in the audience. It’s a song about fathers and it’s perfect this week as I think about and miss my own dad. Before they start the song Michel is telling Roberto about being seven years old, singing this song to his dad for a Father’s Day celebration. His mother had dressed him in a white suit and blue shirt, just like Roberto is wearing for this performance.

Translation to English

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