The Sunday Post: Grounded

Saying “OM” will get you centered on Mother Earth and ground you.

Over the last few days I’ve received a few suggestions for what to do with the items that were causing me (and Jenny) pain or bringing back memories that I would rather set aside for now. Someone suggested I take a seam ripper to the blanket and remove the embroidery. I also got a suggestion from the same person to find a new way to make coffee, which I was already considering. Today I have new solutions for both of these things! A friend sent me a new blanket that I can use on my lap while I work. This one is also red, white, and blue, but on this blanket these colors make up the Panamanian flag. I also picked up an AeroPress coffee maker and I will be testing it out tomorrow morning when I make my coffee. Since I only drink one cup a day, I think it will be perfect.

The support I’ve received from my friends, as well as the timely gifts, mean more to me than I can ever express to them. I’m not sure I can ever repay them, and honestly I hope I never have to. I would never wish my sad state of mind on anyone.

Another thing that has helped ground me and keep me centered is yoga, and meditating while practicing yoga. I’ve written about it before, but since this week’s bloom is all about that “OM” it seems I should mention it again. I didn’t practice it every day this month, but I know that I always felt better on the days I did.

Yesterday I also picked up a couple new plants for my nest, one for inside and one for the balcony. I spent part of my lunch break out there a couple times this week, after a quick walk around the neighborhood. Spring is coming and I hope to little by little grow my collection of plants, since I had to leave behind all those that I had nurtured for several years.

I hear they all died after I left.

Starting over in that regard, too.

By the way, I’m happy to report that “Jenny” danced her way tear-free through her workout class Saturday morning.

Today I was up early and planned to head for a walk downtown with my camera and was about to leave the house when I decided to switch out lenses on the camera and realized my battery was completely dead. So much for that idea, right? Undaunted, I went out anyway. There’s a pretty good camera on my iPhone, right? I walked around for about an hour, picking up a coffee while I was walking around, and then came home and made churros. Way too many churros for one person. They won’t be as good tomorrow when I try out my new coffee contraption, but that’s ok. The idea was to make them, not eat two dozen churros. I spent the rest of the day reading, doing some work on my side gig, and even took a bubble bath in the middle of the afternoon. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday.

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