The Sunday Post: Send me Dead Flowers

How is it August already? I can’t say it doesn’t feel like the dog days of summer, though. I like to sit outside as much as possible but lately if I don’t get out there first thing it’s too warm to sit out on either balcony for very long. It’s noon now and I’m out here but even a Panama girl like me can admit it’s not very pleasant. At least there’s a bit of a breeze. I was out here earlier with my coffee and my gratitude journal and it wasn’t much cooler then.

I was up earlier than I normally would have been for a Sunday morning because my stomach was keeping me awake. It sounded like there was a creature in my stomach protesting about something for much of the night and early morning hours. There was no pain (or even gas), just a whole lot of noise and rumbling. I’m guessing it’s a residual effect from Friday’s procedure. I was sure it was keeping my neighbor up too, so I got up early.

Yesterday morning I was up around the usual time and after I had my coffee and journal time I was about to start on my regular Saturday morning chores when I became distracted. I had picked up the vase with last week’s flowers and I became fascinated with the way they were drooping without losing much of their color or even dropping any petals. I picked up my phone and started shooting with it before pulling out my camera and trying out three different lenses. I wasn’t sure what I was trying to capture but I felt like playing.

These are just a few of the 60-some pictures I took, some edited a little more than others, and some turned out better than others. I need more practice. I think it’s time to get out for another photo road trip, even if it’s just around town.

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