Music Fridays: I’m Good

Happy Friday, y’all!

Last night as I was improvising a dinner with the few things I had in my fridge and freezer I pulled out a couple of my favorite cookbooks and scrolled through Pinterest a while. Somehow the dinner I pulled together didn’t scratch the itch I had to cook or bake something. Later, it didn’t help that I ran across The Chef Show on Netflix with Jon Favreau and Roy Choi. I watched the episode with Christina Tosi of Milk Bar, and then the one where they recreated the recipes from their movie, which of course led to rewatching the movie Chef.

I’ve picked out a couple of recipes to make over the next week, including more bread. Never mind that I still have about half a dozen banana chocolate chip bars in my freezer from one of the last times I baked. It’s not easy making just a little… At least I didn’t eat it all in one sitting by myself, right?

But I’m not cooking tonight. Tonight I’m going out to dinner with my boyfriend and another couple, friends of his. That even feels strange writing it, people. I have a boyfriend. I wasn’t expecting that almost a year after moving my life to another city to start over I would be saying this. This brings me to my first pick for today’s Music Fridays selection. The title says it all, but I also picked this band because we’re going to see them live at the end of next month! The last concert I attended was a Counting Crows show almost exactly three years ago and this will be my first big event since the pandemic. Fingers crossed that it’s not cancelled and that the pandemic doesn’t give us reason to cancel.

This second pick is new and something I heard for the first time in Apple Music’s New Music Mix last week. I was listening to the lyrics and they resonated with me. Despite recent events and some hurtful words, I still feel this way about my ex (at least 90% of the time). I’m good and wish the same for him.

Have a great weekend!

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