The Sunday Post: Surrounded

This will be short and sweet today. Not because I don’t have much to write about, but because I’m a little tired (it was Zumba day) and I will be headed out the door soon for dinner. While I was reading the book “The Chicken Sisters” last week I developed a craving for fried chicken. I satisfied it temporarily with some fast food chicken, but today I’ll be having homemade fried chicken, and I don’t have to cook it myself because my boyfriend is making it for me. He claims he makes a good fried chicken. I will find out in a couple hours, but I’m sure it’s going to be delicious. He’s a pretty good cook. Yes, I know I’m pretty lucky.

So today’s post will be shorter than usual but it’s in response to this week’s bloom prompt:

Visualize yourself surrounded with love!

I’m feeling pretty lucky not just to have a boyfriend who can cook, but because I don’t have to work very hard to visualize love all around me. These photos in my bedroom help, but I don’t need them to feel the love of my family. It might be time to start building a second gallery though. There are so many others who have made me feel loved over the last year. I love you all.

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