Music Fridays: Let’s Dance!

It’s over! At last!

Let’s celebrate with some dancing, shall we?

This is a mostly random selection of songs that came up when looking for happy, cheerful songs. I’ve had several moments over the last couple of months when I got up from desk and started dancing along to what Alexa was playing, just to get a little movement in. Like Meghan sings below, I’m better when I’m dancing. In 2021 I want to dance more, and dance more often, even if it’s by myself in the privacy of my living room or home office.

And can we all try to be happy while we’re dancing, too?

This last one is part of my new perspective. Maybe “the one” is still out there, or maybe I’m supposed to be with more than “one” in my life.

Do you have a comment or feedback?

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