Honor the Ending

I slept in this morning, last day off for 2020, and last day of the year, period. First thing I did was write in my journal, mostly trying to remember my dream. I was in a large, Vegas-style hotel, trying to find my way back to my room, but the way back meant climbing a staircase that was covered in a flimsy fabric, with tiny steps barely big enough for my hands to grab on to, more like a ladder than a staircase. And I was carrying baggage, a lot of it. As I write this, I realize how this sounds.

I’ve carried a lot of baggage with me the second half of this year, and brought way too much of it to my new home. Hard to start fresh when you’re hanging on to all those things that are dragging you down.

I’ve been mostly following Yoga with Adrienne’s December calendar for my yoga practice this month, although I didn’t get on the mat every day. Today’s practice was a two-for-one, with the last one being a 10-minute meditation, in which she urged us to “honor the ending.”

That resonated with me immensely. It fits with my new outlook.

I had a great time over the last eleven years with my husband. I loved him with all my heart and soul. Still kinda do.

It ended. I will honor the memory of a great marriage by wishing him happiness in his new life.

I will remember my father, a loving man with a generous soul. He loved us so much and wanted us to be happy. I will do my best to honor his memory by making the most out of this opportunity to be happy again.

Like the rest of the world, I will always remember this year. The year that changed everything. I hope we learned something from it, even if it was just to say “I love you” more and hold your loved ones close every time you get the chance.

I've washed dishes, cleaned the floors.
Took out the trash, emptied the shredder.
The bathroom is clean.
Meditation done,
and spirits are lifted.
My mat is ready.
I'm ready for you, 2021.
Bring it.

If you’re interested in yoga, I highly recommend Adrienne’s YouTube channel. Below is the meditation I mentioned before, and you can sign up for January’s 30-day Breath practice that kicks off tomorrow by going here.

Happy new year!

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