Music Fridays: More Christmas Spirit

I’m feeling the Christmas spirit this week. I have a Christmas tree and my place is nicely decorated even without the few decorations I wish I’d claimed for myself and brought with me. But I’m feeling good this week. Like I said: must be the Christmas spirit that’s got a hold of me.

As promised, here are few of the ornaments that have been helping to decorate my tree for years. I have ornaments I made as a kid, several made by my kids when they were little, and several more I’ve received as gifts over the years, some of them homemade.

The first music selection for today is a new song by Dolly Parton. I wrote a week or two ago about how she’s been inspiring me and I think maybe some of her goodness is finally settling somewhere inside me. I’m still very, very far from completely letting go or forgetting how horrible this year has been for me personally, but in the grand scheme of things, my troubles are so small.

I have a second song today, one from The Brian Setzer Orchestra. I had this CD and it was one of my favorites. Upbeat, happy, makes you tap your feet,and dance in your living room. Let’s boogie!

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