Day by Day

Day was breaking as I threw wide the curtains,
revealing a rising sun and a glowing sky.
I smiled at the sight and said to myself:
I think it’s time you start saying goodbye.

Say goodbye to weepy days, full of melancholy.
Wipe off the tears and don’t think about regret.
Those years were happy and full of love.
There’s no chance either of you will ever forget.

One day, maybe, he might fill in the gaps
and give you the closure you need.
But in the meantime let’s move on.
Find out what feels good and take the lead.

Take a deep breath and let it out slowly; relax.
There are many more beautiful sunrises ahead
with bright days full of promise, smiles,
and maybe even love, but don’t be misled:

Tears will still fall when you least expect
because your heart is still tender, and that’s okay.
You’re learning and growing and feeling it all.
Take each day exactly as it comes: day by day by day.

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