The (Easter) Sunday Post

Happy Easter!

This Easter was probably quite different for many people, or at least most Christians. I think most churches experience peak attendance on Easter, but hopefully many people were able to worship from afar courtesy of the Internet. No need to wear your Sunday best or Easter bonnets for that, although maybe some dressed up just to change out of their sweat pants for a little while.

No big Easter brunch or dinner with family for us. We’re spending a quiet day at home. Doug played the guitar a little bit and I got some video of it to post on the band’s Facebook page. Since there are no gigs to promote it’s hard coming up with content to feed the social media channels. But we’re trying to find ways to check in with the fans and support our local businesses and venues where the band normally plays.

Since I’m a little behind (again!) on the photo challenges for this month, I thought about combining two into one photo. The day 10 prompt was “lights” and today’s (day 12) is “abstract.” I thought maybe this first picture (on the left) of one of our lamps was kind of cool and the base certainly has some interesting elements, but I decided to use two different pictures of the same lamp instead of just the one.

The prompt for day 11 was “water droplets” so I tried adding drops of water to different things around the house, including a couple of my houseplants, but they didn’t look interesting enough to me. I kept looking though and settled on this miniature bus that’s sitting on one of our shelves. It’s a mini “Chiva” bus from Panama. These buses travel from the country into the city and probably at least half the time they’re doing so while being drenched in tropical downpours. I’m not sure if these buses are still running or if they’ve been replaced by more modern transportation, but I liked the idea of sprinkling them with a little bit of improvised rain.

And then when the “rain” landed on our kitchen table and I saw the reflection of our overhead lamp, I thought that was kind of cool and interesting: a little tabletop puddle reflecting some sunshine.

Tomorrow it’s back to work for me so I will be leaving the house and going back to the office. I’m still hoping I’ll be able to work from home eventually, but for now I will join the rest of us “essential” personnel and work in my little corner of the building and just keep washing my hands every time I have to leave my desk.

Have a great week everyone and keep your spirits up. We’ll get through this.

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