Time to Catch Up!

I’ve been slacking! Today’s my sixth day at home since I left the office on Friday and so far I’ve only left the house to go for a long drive yesterday evening. It was a beautiful evening and it was great to get out for a couple hours. I would say it was a nice change to breathe in the fresh air and enjoy the beautiful weather, but the truth is I’ve been enjoying it from the back deck all week long. I gave myself a manicure, did a quick workout using video on the iPad, and I started and finished Harlan Coben’s latest novel, all on the deck. But the change of scenery was indeed refreshing.

Here are my entries to get caught up on the “30 days at home” photo challenge:

Day 7: Bottle

On Tuesday I participated in a Zumba class on YouTube Live! Kyong Capwell was my Zumba instructor years ago before she moved to Colorado. When I saw she was holding this class and I was going to be home for it I knew I had to do it. There were some technical issues during the class during which I lost the feed, but I kept moving! Thank goodness there were some routines I mostly remembered so I wasn’t completely lost. Thanks for the class, Kyong!

Day 8: Furniture

My husband’s band, The Acoustic Onion, performed in our living room for three livestreams over the last month and my house still looks like they just stepped out for a break between sets.

Day 9: Ornament in a cupboard

When I saw today’s prompt I immediately thought of these little decorations that adorn one of our shelves. Do you get it?

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