Weekly Photo Challenge: Endurance

In August of 2011, a wonderful event took place in a little town in West Virginia called Middlebourne. It was a fundraiser for the local library. It was also a reunion for the band Secrets, a local favorite in the 1980s. Its members have since moved away and on with their lives, but with strong ties still connecting them to their hometown, they felt compelled to do something when the town library needed help. So they put on a show in the middle of August and the sweltering humidity. People came and danced and showed their support. They raised thousands of dollars and felt proud they could make a contribution to the community.

The picture below is of two members of this band, who were the two members of an acoustic off-shoot of the band and called themselves We Too (or was it Us Too? We 2? U2? Anyway…). Endurance? Yes, they persevered and endured through two sets and were still smiling at the end. I wanted to share with you the picture from the end of the show of the whole band, but my husband thought the band members might prefer that I didn’t remind them how sweaty they looked after the event.

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