You make me feel like dancing…

I read a post the other day titled “When I hear music…” and as I said to its author, it immediately drew me in.  The author of this post uses music in treating her patients and has found it particularly useful with teens. She will ask them what song best expresses how they are feeling and then read its lyrics and discuss with them. I have a teenage son and I plan on trying this with him, but as the author suggested, giving him a little time to select his song.

Just this evening I was cooking dinner (by the way, it feels great to cook after not having a working stove or oven for almost two weeks!) and my son played some songs for me that he knows I dance to in my Zumba class. Still a little moist from tonight’s class (or let’s just call it sweaty) I started moving in time to the music as I boiled pasta and seared the pork chops.

Music has the power to change your perspective, soothe your soul, or just make you get up and dance. I was tired from class, but hearing the songs, and having them played for me by my son, just gave me another boost of energy that carried me through the rest of the evening.

I still plan to check in with him and find out what song best describes his life right now, but for now, I’m just happy that he likes being part of the music that moves me.

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  1. indacampo says:

    LOL! I saw español on the video…I didn’t realize there was an English version! Agree…love this song and after watching the English version much prefer this one. No zumba here but we now have a great Fit Combat class that’s set to music that makes me miss it a little less. 🙂

  2. Kyaru says:

    That’s one of the songs my baby and I dance around to! I hope we bond over music one day 🙂

    That method works both ways. What’s your favorite song?
    – Jill @

    1. And there you go asking me to name a favorite song….this is so hard for me! When I had to do it for a previous Writing 101 prompt it was impossible for me. (You can see how I didn’t do it here:
      It really depends on my mood, where I am, and how good my memory is, because ultimately it comes down to knowing it when I hear it, but my brain can’t instantly bring it to mind on command anymore.

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