Daily Prompt: Shoulda Woulda Coulda – Top Ten List

Today’s daily prompt is about things I should be doing but I’m not. Gosh, where should I begin?

  1. I should go to the dentist. I’m way overdue. And I would have but I’m afraid of what he’ll say and how much he’ll charge me for it.
  2. I should call my mother more often. But hey I sent her a text today to wish her a good trip! And I will NOT forget to call her for her birthday this weekend.
  3. I should get some exercise. I would, but, that requires too much effort.
  4. I should have married my husband much sooner than I did. And I could have if it wasn’t for little details like both being married to other people when we met.
  5. I should master walking in heels. (Particularly, master walking in heels on brick or cobbled sidewalks that are so pretty to look at but my heels keep ending up in the cracks!)
  6. I should master my camera and all the technical details involved in taking a photo. I know the basics, and I can compose a great shot, but I feel at a disadvantage in photography discussions when I don’t use the techno-speak.
  7. I should be tougher. I could be, if I wasn’t so damned nice.
  8. I should move somewhere tropical. I miss the palm trees and warm sunshine. I would, but…. what was my reason for not moving? Oh yeah, families, jobs and such.
  9. I should write more. Write more in my blogs. Write more letters. I would if I thought anyone actually cared and wrote back once in a while (to my letters, I mean.) Hello? Is anyone out there?
  10. I should do all this and stop making excuses!

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  1. I should…not beat myself up over not doing everything I should. The most important things get done! 😉

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