Daily Prompt: All About Me

Today’s daily writing challenge is to explain my blog’s title and what it means to me.

I already have a blog titled “Winning Shots” and it started out being a place to talk about my photography business, post photos, and write about topics suited to who I expected would be my readership: my customers and potential customers. As I started posting I realized that many of my posts were of a more personal nature. I still wanted to write these posts, but I needed a new home for them.

And so this blog was born, and it needed a name. I tried to think of a title that would reflect the personal topics I knew it would be made up of. I started thinking about things that I liked, things I enjoyed, and things that made me happy. There are lots of these things, of course. But then as I started to narrow it down to what I wanted my life to be like and the little things that make me smile and relax, it came to me.

When we were looking for a place to live one of our requirements was a front porch. When we started to decorate it, we filled it with candles. When we sit down to relax on the front porch (or in our living room if it’s February like it is now), we like to have candles lit, and a drink in our hands. Many times, the drink of choice is a delicious, dirty martini.


I couldn’t fit martini into the title very neatly.

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