My very first poem

So it’s Valentine’s Day today. I was going to write something wonderfully romantic for my husband. Maybe something along the lines of what I wrote to him last year.

But time has run out and I don’t have any great words to say that he hasn’t already heard from me a million and one times. So I’m going to recycle.

Last week I wrote my very first poem. I wrote it for my husband and although his first read gave him the impression it was a complaint (it’s not), he thought it was sweet (and the rhymes weren’t too bad).

You already know I think about it all the time.

You may also expect it’s my favorite pastime.

It’s there when I awake and it helps me fall sleep.

(It’s so much better than counting sheep.)

Sometimes when we’re tired it’s not first on the list

because the last thing we need is an exhausting tryst.

I know what I say often leaves you confused,

And I sincerely hope you’re not feeling abused.

But I trust deep inside you know what it’s really all about.

It’s the closeness we share that I can’t live without.

And so I find I have at last confessed,

that I feel so very incredibly blessed.

Edited to add “Daily Prompt: Cupid’s Arrow”

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