My Single Life: Day 49

I had date #4 with “dress guy” last night. You know, the one who said he would go anywhere with me as long as I wore dresses like the one I did for our first dinner date. This is also the guy I thought I scared away with all my talking and tears on our first walking date but then realized all was good when we went to the zoo together. The pressure was on to wear the perfect dress again!

This time I picked the restaurant (and picked up the tab) and dinner was great but the best part was our walk after dinner. Last week when I picked the weekly bloom the prompt was about finding a park to walk. I’ve shared pictures of this park before, but last night’s walk in the park was the perfect way to incorporate this bloom that I hadn’t gotten around to writing about yet.

“Have you found a local park to walk?”

It was a beautiful evening and it couldn’t have been a more romantic setting for an evening stroll. There’s a new art exhibit in the park: a series of sculptures by Mexican artist Jorge Marin titled ‘Wings of the City.’ We didn’t see them all last night but I took a few pictures of the ones we did see, including the featured title piece. They have it set up so you can stand in front of the wings for a picture, but since it was pretty dark by then we chose not to pose with them just yet.

We sat on a bench and talked for a little while, and I think it’s safe to say that now I know for certain I did not scare him away with all the unloading I did the first time we walked through that park. He appreciates my honesty and forthcoming attitude, and wants to keep seeing me.

Is he “the one?” Who knows. Am I looking for “the one?” Not really, and I don’t think he is either. At this point I’m not going to stop talking to the other men I’ve connected with online or in person, but if things continue to develop in this direction, that could change. He said I should continue doing what I’m doing: seeing what’s out there and figuring out what I like and want.

So I will do exactly that, for now anyway.

PS: Today is National Walking Day so I walked again today during my lunch break. It was a warm, sunny day and a 20 minute walk in my hilly neighborhood was long enough to work up a little sweat and having to pull up my shorts up every ten seconds got old quickly. It seems I still have a few items in my closet I need to replace. After dinner and yoga I went through all my dress pants (that I haven’t worn in a year) and all of them ended up in a donation pile. All too big! I guess that’s a nice problem to have. I think I’ll need to get a couple pairs of shorts before my vacation, but dress pants can probably wait a while.

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