Music Fridays: Something Old, Something New

Happy Friday! It’s a beautiful day here in the Upstate even though the forecast is calling for rain later today and tomorrow. The sun is shining right now though and my windows are open to let in a breeze, along with the competing sounds of lawn mowers, the bees, and the birds.

I’m open, too. To possibilities, new opportunities, new adventures, new people; to a new life.

These two songs came up on my office music rotation this week. They are perfect representations of new perspectives, of resilience, and welcoming whatever comes next. The first one takes me back to high school days. I think this song was in the running for our (1984!) class song. (If I remember correctly it lost out to Saga’s On the Loose.)

The second song is brand-new but shares this attitude (and great eyewear 😎 🤩!).

Tomorrow is day 100 of my 2021 gratitude journaling journey so I will be writing about that over the weekend. Plus, I’ll be updating you on my dating/single life experiences (another date tomorrow night!) Hope you all have a great weekend!

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