Ten Things I Like about Being Single, So Far

Sigh. I had a whole post written and ready to publish, and it included a great list of things I like about being single. But then when I went to save it something happened and I lost it all. It’s like I never started it or wrote a single word. 

I will try my best to recreate it. Hey, maybe I’ll come up with a better list. Originally I wanted to do this in the form of a poem, but I haven’t been inspired enough to find a way to do that. Or maybe I haven’t really tried yet. It’s starting to look to me like the poetry writes itself when I’m going through something, when I’m feeling emotional: sad, angry, depressed, or even happy. Not to say that I’m not happy right now. I think I am happy. Maybe content is a better word for my current state of mind, the state of my heart.

I’ve been discovering the things I like about being single. Here’s just a few to start:

  1. I can sleep diagonally on the bed if I want.
  2. I can switch pillows in the middle of the night.
  3. If I spend hours on end on my phone, the only one upset about it is me.
  4. I can go all day without talking without feeling guilty about it.
  5. I spend less on groceries.
  6. I get to figure out what my favorite brand of anything and everything is.
  7. There’s less laundry to do.
  8. Cleaning the toilet is a little easier (on the other hand, it’s always my turn to clean the bathroom).
  9. If I don’t feel like making dinner it doesn’t affect anyone else.
  10. My schedule is whatever I want it to be.

Of course there are things I don’t like about it, and could easily make a list of those, but I don’t want to spend too much time focusing on the negative. I could be single for a very long time, or possibly the rest of my life, and it’s best not to start that time of my life dwelling on the down side.

I’m making plans! My birthday is coming up and I have a ton of vacation so I’m going to take some time off and take a solo trip. I’ll be done with my vaccine shots by then and hopefully even more people will be vaccinated by then. I’ve always wanted to go to Savannah, Georgia. It’s also near the beach. I’m going to go and treat myself to a few days off, maybe get a massage, spend some time by the water, eat some delicious food, go sightseeing. I’ve never gone on vacation by myself. I’m a little nervous, but a little excited as well. I hope to relax, maybe write, get some sunshine.

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