Tuesday Thoughts

I know it’s only Tuesday, but despite a couple of setbacks, the week’s not going too badly. It started with a trip to the local Volvo dealership Monday morning, a place I knew I would have to visit at some point but I really wasn’t planning on it being this soon. You see, during what I hoped would be a peaceful Saturday drive with my daughter as she showed me some beautiful mountain views, we got a flat tire.

Good news: it happened very close to a fire station. Bad news: the only thing there was Pumpkintown Fire Truck #1; not a single soul around.
Good news: I remembered I have Roadside Assistance and I found the phone number in the glove compartment. Bad news: the closest technician was almost an hour away.

In the end the technician arrived and changed my tire. (Yes, I know…. I should be able to do this myself. 🙁 ) Rather than continue on Allyson and I headed back to town and postponed our scenic tour for another day. I went back to the apartment and did laundry.

So that’s how I ended up at the dealership bright and early on a chilly Monday morning. The bill for the new tire is a bit on the expensive side, but at least they said I only need one tire and not two. Tomorrow morning I get my car back.

Sunday evening I went for a walk around the neighborhood and as I walked I realized that after making a couple turns I was headed very close to Allyson’s neighborhood, so if I wanted to I could probably walk over there, but I doubt I ever will. Driving’s just so much easier. But as I was walking I did pass some lovely yards and I stopped to take a couple of pictures of flowers.

This week I’m participating in a virtual marketing conference. A few years ago I attended this in person in Boston, and as an introvert I have to admit this was much easier on my senses.

Hope you are having a great week, even if it’s a bit of a mixed bag like mine is. Just leave the bits you don’t like in the bag and take the ones you like. That’s what I’m trying to do.

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