The Sunday Post: Right on Target

This morning my daughter and I had brunch together and talked about wedding plans, friendships, relationships, you know… mother-daughter stuff. What better way to follow that up than with … a Target run! I needed a couple things, she needed a couple things…

As we were standing in the bathroom accessories aisle I remembered standing in that same aisle a year ago, putting items in my basket that I needed, but feeling a bit like a zombie while going through the motions of putting a new life together. When I reminded her of this she reminded me that she was there that day, and how much things have changed.

It’s so true. In that year those things that I bought for my new place have helped turn it into my nest, my new home. There’s still a lot about this town that I haven’t explored yet and I still spend too much time within these walls, but it really is home now.

Yesterday I made homemade pretzels to eat while we watched football with my daughter, her fiance, and their friends. I also went for a walk in the park with my boyfriend. Tonight he’s cooking and making burgers. This coming Friday we’ll be listening to St. Paul & the Broken Bones live on the lawn at the park downtown, and then Sunday we leave for a week at the beach.

Yesterday I also finished and published a new story.

I think it’s safe to say that everything in my life right now is right on target.

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