Two Percent

The upper two percent
you told me; that’s
where you scored.

But did you know
that it’s not just about

You have the gift of music;
your voice and guitar play
all the right chords.

You’re generous with
your resources, despite your
lack of wealth.

You’re a talented
storyteller, maybe ‘cause you
quite often embellish.

Your smile is most
charming and enthralls all
the ladies.

But your heart, oh that
heart is what drew
me to you.

I know it’s tender now
just like mine is; feels like
it’s taking a beating.

“This too shall pass,”
we say as we dig deep
and pray for strength.

The future may not be clear
and maybe we’re not sure yet
that it’s bright.

But your gifts are still there;
no returns allowed and there’s
no need to exchange.

You will find the words again
and your heart (and mine)
will mend.

Remember: it wasn’t a fluke;
top two percent – get to it
and let’s see how it ends.

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