Consider Yourself Invited

If we were having coffee, I’d probably ask you to come with me next week to check out The Adaptations.

What’s that? You have no clue who or what I’m talking about? I guess that’s to be expected since they’re a brand-new act and are just preparing to play their first formal gig together next week.

If we are friends on Facebook there’s a good chance you have already grown tired of my posts and video shares from their practices at the local open mic night in downtown Fredericksburg. But what’s a proud wife to do if not promote her husband’s new musical project?

The Adaptations acoustic duo Fredericksburg The Adaptations

You may remember me talking about his musical aspirations and frustrations. After all this time and so many changes in both our lives over the last few years, not-so-tireless efforts to build something meaningful and creative, persistence is finally paying off. We knew that it was just a matter of time before late nights at Open Mic would lead to a connection with other musical souls looking for something more. Just over a month ago Doug and Eve sang together for the first time and realized they could possibly make that “something more” happen.

For me, it’s been fun and exciting to watch this develop. Since I have no musical talent whatsoever, the only way I can contribute is with my camera and my marketing skills. And so my friend here I am sharing their website, Facebook page, and videos, and hoping I’ve not bored you to tears yet. If you’re in the Fredericksburg, Virginia area, I invite you to come and hear them live on April 19 at the Bistro Bethem where they are participating in the 3-Act Showcase, or the following month at the Colonial Tavern Home to the Irish Brigade (May 24) where they will have their first solo show. You can find out more details on the website or on Facebook.

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