Music Fridays: Our Piano Man

I wanted to write a poem for my dad.
There’s so much about him I want you to know.

He loved his family, his children, his wife. 
His grandchildren were his pride and joy.

He carried the weight of his family
on his shoulders; everyone counted on him.

He loved to play dominoes and the men
he played with were his friends for life.

He worried about everyone, even those
he barely knew or met just once.

I wanted to write him a poem
but words have failed me so.

When he played piano you could feel 
his passion for the music in every note.

And so I leave you with this little treasure
captured by his granddaughter years ago.

I don’t know what the song is; it’s just a small snippet
of the man that we loved and already miss.

I’m sure he’s up in heaven putting on a concert,
maybe playing for his family or jamming with the angels.

His brother Pablo is on guitar, while Eddie waits his turn;
Sinatra’s harmonizing with him, and maybe Ella, too.

Until we meet again, Dad.
We love you.

I hope you can see this video; thanks to Allyson for making it public.

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