Today’s Top Ten (or what I did on my summer vacation)

When you were in school did you ever have to write an essay on how you spent your summer vacation? I’m not sure I ever did but it seems like I’ve seen multiple TV sitcoms or movies where that’s been the case. In any case, I don’t much feel like writing an essay, since I’m on vacation, but I do like making lists and lists don’t seem like that much of an imposition when you’re on vacation.

Road trip detour to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

This year we don’t have the luxury of being able to take two weeks off and spending a week of it at the beach, nestled away in a private tropical retreat, just the two of us. We just can’t get away for two weeks in a row for starters, and our budget is much smaller this year. So instead we took a few shorter road trips to visit family and friends before Doug starts his new job next week.

Today I spent a quiet day mostly on my own and found that there’s something to be said for just hanging out at home, no place you have to be, nothing you really have to do.  Which leads me to this list of random things I’m appreciating today, in no particular order:

      1. Sleeping in until after nine a.m. Even on the weekends I hardly ever get to do this and I was pretty surprised when I rolled over and saw the time. This meant though that by the time I showered and made my way downstairs sometime around ten, I started to debate whether it was too late to make coffee. Of course, I decided it’s never too late.
      2. Reading in bed. This is why I ended up in bed so long. I stayed up late reading, and then picked the book up again after waking up. This only happens when I’m sleeping alone though. Doug was away on a solo overnight trip to Philly so I was on my own. The only way I can sleep by myself lately is if I have a book to keep me company.
      3. Spending half the morning (or half of the morning that I was awake at least) taking pictures for this week’s photo challenge: close up. This involved taking Doug’s cufflinks out of his dresser drawer and going outside to try to take advantage of the light. It took half the morning because I couldn’t seem to get the right angle or close enough to get the shot I was aiming for. The shot below is the one I settled for:

        close up
        Close up
      4. Having a beer in the middle of the day. (Hey, it’s the simple things, right?)

        A Little Sumpin’ Extra! hit the spot this afternoon
      5. Putting my apron on and listening to music while having that beer and having the time necessary for tonight’s meal of slow-braised country-style ribs with french herbs and beans, accompanied by freshly baked corn bread.

        The beach at Clemson University
      6. Sorting through pictures from this weekend’s road trip to South Carolina and being thankful for our children and being able to spend some time with them. We only have one still living at home and the others are so scattered that it’s getting harder to spend any significant time with them. Having them all in one place has become a rare occurrence.
      7. Sitting in my living room listening to the rain and then watching the sun heat things back up again.
      8. Jobs. I definitely appreciate the fact that I have a job I enjoy with a company that appreciates me and one I have been able to grow with over the last twenty years. I’m looking forward to sharing that with Doug when he makes his return to the company next week.
      9. Family connections. It’s nice to hear that I’m thought of in good terms and with affection by people I’m no longer related to. A divorce doesn’t have to sever all family ties. I appreciate this on Doug’s side as well, where relations with former in-laws are better than ever.
      10. My husband. Can’t wait for him to get home so I can show him how much I missed him the last 36 hours and how much I appreciate him.
Hurry up and get home!


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