It’s National Poetry Month and it would be great if a few lovely verses would start flowing magically to this keyboard just because it’s April, but it’s not likely. But as I said the other day, I’ve been thinking about writing more, so that’s a start, right?

I was re-reading some of the poetry I’ve written over the last few years and I know it’s not all great, or even good. But I was trying, inspired, and committed to putting the words on paper. One poem I do like is from February of last year: Stars. I was partly inspired by a WordPress writing prompt about stars, but primarily by my new relationship. It was new, exciting, and thrilling. And when we weren’t together, he was what I thought about when I stared into the night. I missed him.

I missed him last night, I miss him now, and I will miss him tonight, and tomorrow. He’s out of town on family business, and I’m dog-sitting for a few days. I’m looking forward to the upcoming long weekend when we can get out of town together, but not sure I’ll see him much before then.

So the fact that in less than two months we’ll be living together makes me very happy. I’m excited. I’m almost giddy. I know there will still be occasional days and nights we’ll have to spend apart. But that’s all right because I know we’ll be starting most of our days together, and we’ll be ending the days together. And when I reach out with my arm or a toe, I won’t find an empty space. There will be someone reaching for me.

Because every so often I like getting creative with Instagram, I decided to try making a Reel with this poem. I don’t expect it to go viral or anything, but I like having fun with different tools. I’m not sure if it will play on this page, but just in case it will:

Edit: This is my 600th post!

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