Are we there yet?

The beach: I’ve dreamed about it for almost a year now, ever since we left it last September.

The last month has been, and I normally don’t just throw this word around, stressful. As you may have read in a earlier post, we’re moving in ten days. Most people have moved at some point in their lives and can relate to what’s involved in moving from one house to another so I’m sure I don’t need to go into why it’s been stressful. And expensive.

So instead of thinking about the million little things we might need at the new house, the unfinished checklist of hundreds of things to do before the move, and the dozen stacks of boxes in our dining room, I would prefer to dream about the beach and imagine that we’re already there.

The  fresh and salty smell of the ocean will be the first indicator that we’re getting close. I’m counting on bright sunny skies and a warm ocean breeze to remove any doubt that we’re approaching our private paradise retreat. We will arrive in the middle of Labor Day weekend so I’m sure it won’t be a quiet and peaceful beginning to our vacation. But Tuesday as we settle in with our towering stacks of books and equally tall cool drinks, there will be no one else around to disturb our hard-earned solitude. We can skinny-dip in the pool in our newly trim bodies as often as we want. The beach playlists we’ve been carefully fine-tuning for months will play throughout the day and into the evening. I look forward to watching and listening to the powerful summer storms crackle in the night sky.

Endless hours in the sun (slathered in sunscreen) with a book and margarita by my side, and my best friend and love to snuggle up to at night. Are we there yet?


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  1. Hi Marissa, After listening to the music and reading about your front porch I decided I may just want to join you. Then I read about your new man and decided to leave the two of you to it. Enjoy!

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