Music Fridays: Christmastime

Last week I ordered my Christmas present for myself. I’ve been setting a little money aside every paycheck for it for a while now and reaching my goal before Christmas worked out perfectly. It’s a Bluetooth turntable so I can play the records in my small record collection. Some of the records in my collection are ones that I had as a teenager. My dad shipped me a box of them years ago and while not all the records he sent me were mine ( I think I ended up with some of his, maybe some of my sister’s), it was great holding them again. I don’t think I ever played them on my ex’s record player while we were together. The rest of my collection consists of a handful of records that I’ve bought over the years and a bigger handful of records that my ex picked up for me while he was out on his record runs. He was (guess he probably still is) a record collector, and most everything that he brought home was a “collectible.” I have some very cool records thanks to him.

My recent purchases are of records from artists I’ve seen live this year: St. Paul & the Broken Bones, Pink Martini (I still need to pick up a Counting Crows LP). Last week I picked a new Christmas record. It’s Norah Jones’ first Christmas album and I’ll be playing it tonight as I admire the Christmas decorations I just put up, including my tree. No tree drama this year!

I can’t believe we’re already within a month of Christmas. I hope the next month doesn’t go too fast. I’m looking forward to a happy holiday season. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving and that you enjoy the long weekend (if you were fortunate enough to have one). Happy Holidays!

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