Reflections on glass buildings and crystal waters
Or on sporty glasses and sidewalk puddles
Architectural lines and paths leading somewhere
Each bloom turned up to meet the sky
All the shadows and silhouettes 
Making each bright spot that much brighter
Laughing faces and teasing smiles
Puppy dog eyes and wagging tails
Artistic plates with tantalizing bites
Homemade treats and new recipes
Colorful and head-turning drinks
Each and every sunrise
Each and every sunset

These are just some of the things I’m thankful for
The ones that I love to photograph so I can look
Back on them anytime and remember when
And where, and why
But there’s so much more I’m grateful for
That I can’t capture with my lens

Soul-prodding questions and honest conversations
Tickles on the couch
Video calls with cousins or my high school “tribe”
The aroma of bread baking in my kitchen
Letters and emails and baby news
A wedding to look forward to
Fantasy smack talk in group texts
A family huddled in a spirited and competitive board game
Quiet evenings with yarn spread on my lap (more time to contemplate and meditate)
Music to soundtrack my work days and interruptions for dance breaks
Books that inspire me to be my authentic self and
Books that keep me hanging on until the very last word
Each and every warm hug
Each and every tender kiss

Everything and everyone that led me to this place
The here and now
I’m thankful for all of it 
For all of you
For this new life

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