Last year someone broke my heart.
I fell to my knees and
cried bitter, lonely tears.
I’d asked so many questions,
struggling to understand.
Suddenly it all made sense

I filled pages and notebooks
With feelings, frustrations, desires.
Then I put my pen down and I 
looked around with renewed
appreciation, for all was good.
My gratitude list was boundless.

Urban nature walks
Melodies and rhythmic beats
Dog kisses and wagging tails
Meet-ups at the Tap and on my screen
Hugs from my children
The sound of the ocean
Sand underneath my feet
Sunshine on bare skin

Last night someone asked me to dance.
The lights were dim, the music soothing.
My head was on his chest,
my arms wrapped around his waist.
We swayed gently ‘round the room,
my bare feet avoiding his shoes.

I wasn’t ready for this dance a year ago.
I was tripping over my own feet then.
Timing is everything, some say.
And yes, it’s helping heal my wounds.
But it wasn’t just its passage 
That led me here, that’s making this work.


It was all out there
 for me to discover.
And so was he.

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