Have you Colored Lately?

This was this week’s bloom and I’m happy to report that the answer to this question is “yes!”

I found these coloring bookmarks on my last Target run and I have already colored one and gifted it to S. I’m working on this one for myself now. Wonder if there’s a fall edition? Might have to look into that. I had a great time coloring while I binged a whole lot of Netflix during the last few rainy days we’ve had.

But today the sun was shining and I got out for a walk in the park to burn off some of the donuts I ate yesterday. I haven’t done much writing this week but I have a couple ideas going through my head. While we were at the beach last week we watched this man go down to the beach in the middle of a rainstorm after the sun had gone down. I’m trying to think of a quick story to explain what he was doing, but haven’t come up with anything yet. Let me know if you have any ideas.

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