The Sunday Post: 499

If you noticed that I skipped this past week’s Music Fridays post, I’m sorry. I had something planned but time got away from me and then I couldn’t find the song I wanted to share. If I had posted it as scheduled, this would now be post #500! I have a couple of ideas for what to post on that milestone and they came to me while driving to and from Virginia as I listened to a couple of podcasts and audio books (and music of course). But I’m going to wait until the ideas are more fully developed in my head so I can give you what will hopefully be a good post worthy of being the 500th post on this blog.

So that means that today, unfortunately, you get this: a filler. I’m a bit tired from the drive and just heard that my neighbor downstairs says there’s water leaking from my apartment into hers. Sigh. My relaxing bath turned out to be not so relaxing.

But it does feel good to be home nonetheless. I had a good trip to and from Virginia and my time in the office was productive. I did feel a little bit like a prodigal daughter returning to the family as my colleagues called out to me when they saw me in the halls. It was great to see so many familiar and friendly faces. And of course seeing my sister and her family after nearly a year was a perfect way to end the week. I even got to catch up with college friends that I hadn’t seen in at least thirty years!

Now to see if I need to do anything about this water leak problem…

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