My body and soul
My future, present, and past
Are all but little pieces assembled
By a very large cast.

I drink my coffee black because 
That’s how he taught me to drink it
And I root against the ‘fins just ‘cause
He gets angry when they lose (that’s childish, I’ll admit).

I surround myself with plants like my mother did at home
Just like her mother did, and my abuelita as well.
I make sure I’ve got a zero before the decimal
Because leaving it off makes my old boss yell.

With Vega behind the bar and Nona at my side
I fell in love with Tom Collins and he’s still my guy.
I hum and dance as I move and that’s from mi papá.
He was full of life and music; I miss him (now I might cry).

When I cut the ends off a cucumber I rub the ends
Against what’s left because that’s what mom always does.
(Or maybe she did it once and it stayed with me.)
At this point I’m not really sure. It could be “just ‘cause.”

So many habits and things that I like
Are a result of observations or a loving imitation
Of the people that have played a role in my life.
I thank them for all of it and offer this final ovation:

I owe all the different colors and flavors of my life to you.
Without you my personality, my life, would be boring and bland.
My quirks, my patterns, even the things I hate, like, or love
Make up my mosaic, and I think that’s just grand.

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  1. Mary McQuade says:

    I love this! I am thinking about all those who have played a role in forming me into the person I am.

    1. Thanks, Mary!

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